The Smith Tapes

100's of reel to reel taped interviews from 1969-1972 with musicians, artists, celebrities and cultural figures – not heard since.

May 27

John & Yoko’s Bed-In

John & Yoko’s Bed-in

Dec 7

We’ve been nominated for a Grammy!!!

Incredible news- 
Our box set was nominated tonight in the category of Special and Limited Edition Box Set Design. We’re up against the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Mumford & Sons and Mayer Hawthorne. Will keep you posted.

Oct 28

March 26, 1969. Howard Smith is speaking with Lou Reed upon the release of the Velvet Underground’s 3rd and self titled album. Although they are very influential in the New York scene, they haven’t yet gained a wider following.

Aug 19

"…and then Hendrix came on."

Live from Woodstock finale.

Aug 17

Don’t take the brown acid.

Live from Woodstock continued…

Aug 16

44 years ago this weekend- Woodstock.

Howard Smith was the only journalist phoning in live reports, broadcast nationally, throughout the weekend. In honor of the anniversary, I’ll post some throughout the weekend.

Jun 25

Jun 18

In honor of Paul McCartney’s birthday, here’s a clip from a phone interview Howard recorded in Nov. 1969 with the then director of the Beatle’s Fan Club. 

May 15

youthelectronix said: Question about Collection 3. The Women's Lib & Sex track is dated as being from April 1969, but at the end of the show, Howard plays The Man In Me from Bob Dylan's New Morning, which was released in October of 1970. Recording for the album (according to Wikipedia) was done in the summer of 1970, so it would be impossible to play it before fall of 1970. True or false?

Hi there-

First off,  thanks for listening to the whole thing!

Most of the reels (hundreds of them) were undated. We look for clues throughout each interview to pinpoint the date, or at least know the month, of the interview’s taping. Knowing concert dates, album releases and film premieres has helped us immensely, but for others we have to find other clues. 

Looking back at my notes for this one, they mention the war in the Suez Canal (March 69-Aug 70) happening, the concert riot in it’s 3rd day (I thought this was the Legion Park riot, Los Angeles, April 20-23rd), and the Easter March violence (Derry N. Ireland, Easter was April 6, 1969, and then again March 29th, 1970).

So, how can Dylan’s Man in the Moon be played? Either my research brought me to the wrong conclusion, or Dylan recorded the track and got Howard  copy prior to the album’s release (they were friendly). 

If I had the time, I’d dig into the Dylan world and find out when he recorded that version of the song - 

Thanks for chiming in- and I guess this means you’re enjoying the tapes?

Be in touch -



Apr 22

June 6th, 1971. Following his breakout performance in “Easy Rider” and Oscar nomination for his lead role in “5 Easy Pieces”, Jack Nicholson told Howard Smith why he had trouble earlier in his career.

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